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Bolivian Friends

During my time in Bolivia, I have had the opportunity to meet many new people, and make great friends. Some of these were other volunteers at the orphanage, or with other organizations in town. These friendships were such a blessing, and on hard days at the orphanage I looked forward to going to get coffee, or going to the market, or even just be able to speak in English and not think before I spoke.  There were many days where just the sight of a familiar face that could speak English made me laugh instead of cry.

And as great as these friendships were, the Bolivian women who worked at the orphanage were some of  my closest friends. Living at the orphanage, I spent the majority of my time at the house. As much as I love children, and especially these children, there is something great about talking to an adult every now and then. :) These women taught me how to help in the orphanage, they told me the kids stories, and they encouraged me when I needed it. They helped me with everyday …

Celebrating God's Faithfulness

Last year on my birthday, I woke up in Bolivia at 6:00 AM, and opened a card my mom had sent in my suitcase. I kept the lights off in my room, because I could already hear the girls moving around, and I didn’t want to announce I was up yet. I opened the card and “You’re a Shining Star” started playing from the card. The girls all knew I was awake, and started to fill into my room. They had never seen a musical card, and were in awe of its ability to play music. Inside of the card, my mom had sent tattoos and nail polish, exactly what I wanted for my 21st birthday. But the girls loved it!

I convinced them we needed to wait until after church to celebrate, and as soon as we got home, my room became a nail salon/ tattoo parlor with a 5 second clip of “You’re a Shining Star” playing in the background.  All afternoon I painted little fingernails, and applied removable tattoos.  It was a very different 21st birthday than I ever imagined, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one!

This year…