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Father’s Day!

In Bolivia, Father’s day is celebrated each year on March 19th. In the Catholic Church this is also the day that Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus is celebrated.

At Casa de Amor, Father’s day is always a difficult day for our kids. We are blessed to have many wonderful people in our kid’s lives both near and far, but this is a day that the kids are often reminded of the absence of their biological fathers.

This year, only three of our children celebrated Father’s day at their school by preforming a special dance and sharing a meal with their “fathers” in their classroom.

AM, B, and E were all excited to participate in the festivities, and were joined by a crowd. Tio David, the administrator of Casa de Amor, three volunteers, Franco, and I, were able to there for the dances.

After the dances, Tio David, Franco and I split up to eat lunch with each child. While I was honored to be an honorary father, I also was reminded of the difficult situation so many of our kids find themselves …