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If you know me well, you know I’m a cheapskate. I nicer word might be frugal, but regardless of how you word it – I don’t like to spend money. 
In college (and lets be honest, after as well), my goal when going to the grocery store was always to see how little I could spend on groceries. That usually meant buying Great Value brand at Wal-Mart. Fruits and vegetables (unless they were in a Great Value can) were too expensive, so I didn’t buy them.

In Bolivia, the tables have turned. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the cheapest things you can buy!

Now, as summer comes to an end in Bolivia, I have made an exciting discovery. The girls house has a grape vine, an orange tree, and two fig trees! I knew about the orange tree, but almost every day for 7 months I have walked past these trees without really looking at them. (And to be honest, even if I had looked at them I don’t know anything about trees.)

The girls have spent hours climbing up into the trees to find the ripest fruit. Every tim…