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A Confession & Request

This Saturday was my first Saturday to teach again at Happy Hour. I have had a hard time going back, because there are SO many moms, and SO many little babies. It can be overwhelming at times, and to be really honest, it can be tempting to allow my mind and heart to travel, and to be resentful. I think that’s normal, but I also think it can be dangerous. My prayer is that the Lord would not allow me to be bitter, but to love the children and mothers that He has put in my life. Please be praying for that if you think about it!

This Saturday, as we were waiting for children to arrive, one of the little girls proudly showed me her children’s Bible, and asked me to read the story of Adam and Eve. I started to read the story, and a small group of other children gathered around. As I read, I was shocked at how un-biblical this children’s bible was. It was a cute little story about Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, but completely missed the point of the story. The fact that Adam and E…