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A Buffet or Ingredients?

At my church in Cochabamba, the young single people are in charge of cleaning the church. Each week it is a different group, and this week it was my group’s turn. I was early (and by that I mean 10 minutes late) getting there, and so I decided to get breakfast for the rest of the group on the way. One of my favorite things about Bolivia is how relational everything is. Relationships are more important than finishing things quickly, so instead of getting right to work cleaning the church, we spent 30 minutes eating and talking.  After that we spent another hour or so cleaning, and then it was time to eat again. Cochabamba is known as the city in Bolivia that eats the most… just one of the reasons I love it. ;)

As we sat in a little circle eating bread and drinking Coca-Cola, we began to talk about traveling, and then that led to talking about being far away from home. Like most Hispanic cultures, until you get married – you live with your family. Especially if you’re a woman. I was qui…