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There's a first time for everything!

When I first came to Bolivia, everything was new.  Every food I ate was new. Every place I went was new. Every cultural experience was new. Everything was new.

Over time, the newness of Bolivia has worn off. It is still exciting, and there is still a TON to learn and experience, but everything is not new anymore. In some ways this is comforting. While I enjoy the adventure of new things, I also enjoy the feeling of being “at home”.

That being said, this week has been full of “firsts”. I held my first baby in an Aguayo ( a tablecloth type fabric that Bolivian women use to carry their babies. )
I took a baby on his first escalator ride. And then, several weeks ago I realized I haven’t had my hair cut since I left the U.S. Since that was almost six months ago, I decided I should probably at least get a trim. It took 3 weeks, but finally yesterday afternoon I went with two friends to find a hair dresser.

In Bolivia, most shops are located together. On one street there might be 15 eye doct…

New Year, New Job!

On New Year’s Eve, I normally try to take some time, and look over the last year. I try to keep a prayer journal, and so it is always encouraging to see how God has answered prayers…. Usually in a very different way than I expected.

As I looked back over this year, I was so encouraged to see God’s faithfulness. And sense of humor.

When I was looking back over a prayer from January, I found this, “So one of the options was  to just send Bolivia my application/ resume, and let them say what they would like me to do. And on one hand, that sounds great. It takes the decision making off of me, and allows them to say where they think I would fit, and also allows me to fill the need they have. BUT, it also terrifies me, in that they can say what they want me to do. If they give me a job and I cant do it, then what?”

I was so afraid I would be given a job I wasn’t qualified for/ able to do. So I sent my application in for the Librarian position, and God worked how he wanted anyway. :)

Last s…

Christmas with the Graves

When I was in middle school, my family watched the movie “Christmas with the Kranks”. If you haven’t seen it, the family decides to not have Christmas, and instead go on a cruise. For the last ten years, my dad has joked about doing “Christmas with the Graves”, and just not celebrating Christmas.
This year was as close as he is going to get. J My family was in Bolivia for almost two weeks, and it was so neat to be able to show them this place that has become my home. They were able to spend time at the orphanage with the kids, meet the kids in my class at Carachipampa, meet friends from church, and explore the city.
As I thought about Christmas this year, I began to realize how crazy it is that Jesus came to earth. My parents came to Bolivia, and it was a big deal. They traveled over 4,000 miles. They sacrificed their comfort and their health. They basically became like children in a new country… not knowing how to do basic tasks. (My mom said that she had heard roles reversed from…

Christmas in Kara Kara

Several weeks ago I wrote about the opportunity I had to go visit a neighborhood close to the city dump in order to give out Christmas gifts, as well as share the Gospel.

Thank you so much to those of you who prayed and gave generously!!

My parents arrived on a Wednesday, and I almost immediately put them to work. We went over to the chapel were Horita Feliz (The Bible Club) is held every Saturday, and started to prepare the gift bags to take with us. Thanks to your donations, we were also able to purchase sugar to give to the mothers!!

On Saturday morning around 8:00, we met at the chapel to pray, load up the cars, and head to Kara Kara. Of course, we were running on Bolivian time, so we arrived about an hour after the scheduled time. As we pulled into the neighborhood, I could see that they had set up a tent, and made little wooden benches . There were already close to 100 children ready and waiting for us! I found Noelia and Lucero, some of the girls I had already met, and was than…