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Father's Day! Feliz dia del padre!!

Father’s Day! This post is about two weeks late – I had it all typed up and ready to go, but my computer charger died, and this blog was tucked away until I had time to go buy a charger.
Father’s day in Bolivia is always the 19th of March. This year that happened to fall on a Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon. I was at the girls house ironing uniforms, and one of the girls, S, asked me if I could come to a special program at her school as her dad. All of the kids go to the same school this year, so all of the volunteers and staff were invited to go as “honorary dads”.
It worked out that I had a three hour break in-between teaching classes at Carachipampa, so in between substituting for 2nd grade and teaching PE I got on a trufi (bus), and went to the school. All of the littlest kids were dressed up in their father’s oversized clothes, and did a little dance performance. Two of our youngest kids were in this class, and had rented men’s clothes from a costume shop down the street.


Pijamada! (Sleepover!)

Last Saturday, I was invited to a Quinceanera (The birthday party girls have when they turn 15) by one of the women who works at the orphanage.  Tia Anita has worked with Casa de Amor for over 5 years, and has become like a mother to the girls that she works with (and often to me!). The oldest girls got to spend Friday night with Tia Anita to help prepare for the party a day in advance and they were thrilled!
On Saturday morning I went to the girls house and found “B” dutifully washing her clothes. At seven years old she falls right in between the older girls and the little girls. Although she is very smart and capable for her age, her desire for attention often leads her to behave in a way that puts her in the “little girl” group.
As soon as she heard me talking with the other Tia on duty about the Quineanera, she lit up and asked if she could come with me. Usually the girls earn outings with good behavior, and sadly, “B” normally doesn’t earn an outing. I told B that I would have …