Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Orphan Day!

One of my favorite places in Bolivia is called Globo’s (Balloons). While I am not a huge fan of the food, the ice cream is delicious! (And half price every Tuesday!) Every year, the restaurant invites all of the orphanages of the city for a special day of free food and fun.

The line started to form early this morning, about 7:30. The kids from orphanages around the city lined up to be greeted by Polar Bears, and other unidentifiable creatures in costumes. The animals made the line bearable for the kids, and soon we were at the front of the line. For breakfast we were served cake and ice cream – this is why I love Bolivia. The kids also thought it was a good idea.

After “breakfast”, we were served Coca-Cola, and released to play on the playground. Students from Carachipampa, the school I taught at last year, came to paint faces, and were a huge hit! The kids were also allowed to play in the arcade, and volunteers walked around inserting money into the machines. More than 500 children ran around the restaurant for several hours, and I kept telling myself it would be over soon, and we would somehow find all of our children before it was over. :)

For lunch, we were generously given French fries and hamburgers, some of the best I have had in Bolivia! Most of the kids were still full from “breakfast”, but they were excited nonetheless.
By the end of the day, the decorations in the restaurant had fallen down, and the balloons were given to the children. The kids at Casa de Amor ended up with more balloons than they could fit into the car to take home!

It was a crazy day (and my purse was stolen :( ), but it was a great day for the kids to escape from the routine of everyday life. We are currently in the process of moving the babies into the girls home, so there has been a lot of transition in everyone’s lives. I am thankful for the generosity of Globo’s, and thankful for you all and your continual care, support, and prayer of the children.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Latest News at Casa de Amor

He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” Jeremiah17:8

In June, a wonderful team of volunteers from Orphan World Relief came to Bolivia and painted the dining room of our Boy’s Home. The bright yellow color has given life to the dining room, and makes the room feel like a home. Several of our current volunteers are very artistic, and worked together to paint a tree with hundreds of leaves. The children watched as the volunteers painted, and begged to join in painting.

As the leaves were painted, we spent time praying, and thinking about all of the people that have been involved in the children’s lives. Between mission teams, previous volunteers, child sponsors, and the many people that have prayed for the children – hundreds of people play a role in the children’s lives. An analogy began to form about the leaves on the trees, and the people the Lord has put in the life of Casa de Amor.

Over the last few months, due to surgeries, hospitalization, government mandated pay increases/ bonuses, Casa de Amor has experienced a time of trusting the Lord in our finances like never before. He has always been faithful to provide, and He has used many of YOU to do that.
We would like this mural to be a tree of remembering the Lord’s faithfulness in a tangible way. During the month of September, we  would like to memorialize the Lord’s provision by “selling” the leaves, branches, and trunk of the tree. We are so thankful for your generosity to Casa de Amor, and we would love for the children to tangibly see how many people love them.

By “buying” a leaf, branch, or trunk, you will be providing for the operating costs of Casa de Amor such as rent for the children’s homes, staff salaries, and daily necessities.  Leaves will be sold for $100, branches will be sold for $500, and the tree trunk will be sold for $5,000. Donations can be made on PayPal or by check, and we will then paint the name of the donor in the leaf, branch, or trunk. If you would like to make a donation on behalf of someone else, or as a church group, that is also a possibility. Mail a check to GOAL PO Box 357 Collierville, TN 38027.  Or click here for the link to PayPal https://casadeamor.publishpath.com/supporting.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in the next 20 days. We know that the Lord is faithful to provide, and are excited to see how He will work. Each day for the next 20 days, we will post a photo and update on one of our children with a link to donate. Please feel free to share these updates with friends and family, and check back here often for the latest updates! We will also be using the hashtag #20k20days !

We serve a great, powerful, and loving God, and are so thankful for everyone of you – your generosity, prayer, and love for the children of Casa de Amor. Please join us in praying and sharing about how God is at work in Bolivia!