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When I was preparing to come to Bolivia, many people asked me about marriage. Don’t you want to get married first? Would you ever get married to a Bolivian? Aren’t you afraid you’ll never get married? I usually responded with a joke of some kind. My sister often joked about how there are a lot of “fish in the sea”, but because Bolivia is a land-locked country, there’s not a lot of sea. I have always wanted to get married someday, but I also knew that God was clearly leading to Bolivia. I didn’t know what that meant for my marital status, but I knew that God was good, and in His time and His will, he would provide. Or not. And that was okay.

When I arrived in July of last year to serve at the orphanage and school, I also had the opportunity to be involved in a neighborhood Bible club (Happy Hour) that meets every Saturday. The Happy Hour is run by members of my church in Bolivia, and the kids from the orphanage have gone every Saturday for the last 4 years. As I began to get more invol…


As many of you know, the last few months have been very busy for Casa de Amor. We have moved all of the children into two homes closer to each other, and it has been a time of transition for everyone. The kids and tias are adjusting very well, but there have been many logisitical repairs and changes that needed to be made.
Thank you so much to all of you that have prayed during this time of transition, and also to those of you have given SO generously. I am especially thankful for Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church, and The Village Church Denton for your consistency in prayer, encouragement, and generosity.
We have been able to paint a few rooms in the volunteer home, replace the cement floor in the baby room, and make other general repairs to the homes. Thank you again for your love for the children at Casa de Amor! Here are a few pictures: