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Go, tell it on the mountain!

Last August as I was preparing to leave House II where I had been living with the kids at Casa de Amor, they started to ask when I would be back. I didn't have an answer for them, mostly because I had no idea if I even would be back. Even after I got home, I missed the kids, but didn't know that I would ever return. Then in December, I was singing in church one Sunday, and we began to sing “Go Tell it on the Mountain”. About halfway through the song I felt like the lyrics became a command, “Go, tell it on the mountain.” I opened my eyes, as if I that would make the command clearer, and sure enough the background of the screen was a picture of a statue of Jesus, similar to the Cristo de la Concordia statue in Cochabamba. At that point, I knew God was leading, but it took me awhile to agree. On Christmas night I was lying in bed thinking about God’s command to go tell it on the mountain, and realized that I was wrestling with the idea of going to back to Bolivia because I was …


Preparations….43 Days Left!!
God has been so faithful to provide in every way!
My core (small group) sponsors a little boy at Casa de Amor, and wanted to do something special for him. Something special for him turned into something special for all of the older kids, and we ended up with a Tie-Dye party! The girls donated time, T-shirts, tie-dye supplies, and creativity, and we ended up with a beautiful stack of T-shirts for the kids. Each shirt was prayed over, and will be worn shortly by kids who are very loved- by people they don’t even know.