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Traumatizing Tramites

In Bolivia, the word for official paperwork is tramites. Most people just call it traumatizing, because that is what it is. If you don’t care about details you can skip the next few paragraphs, because the point is at the end.

In March I started the process for a year long visa to live in Bolivia. Four months later, after sending every important document I own, and calling ten times to check in on the status of the visa I had my passport back with a stamp in it, but that was just the beginning.

As soon as I arrived in Bolivia, I met the lawyer that works with missionaries in getting visas.  The first day, we went to the bank to make a deposit, and then to a narcotics office to get the forms we needed to prove I have no drug record. Several days later we went back to that office to pick up forms, and then headed to the Interpol office. I expected a scene from an action movie, but was dissapointed. After going to Interpol, I went to get my picture taken for all of my documents, and then…