How do you say.......

When I started to teach first grade, I also started to pray for someone else to teach first grade.

 It wasn’t that I hated it, but I was very overwhelmed. The idea of being in charge of 21 kid’s educations was/is slightly terrifying to me. The Lord has been faithful to remind me that He was in control, and this change of plans wasn’t a surprise to Him, but at the same time, I kept praying for someone else to do it.

Then, about two weeks ago, my prayer was answered, but differently than I might have expected. Instead of a first grade teacher, God provided a Quechua teacher, who was willing to help in first grade. Originally, she had planned to teach Quechua, but because she came later in the year, that position was already filled. Instead, she agreed to help in first grade!!!

Having help to teach first grade has made a huge difference! It is so nice to have an extra pair of hands in the classroom, or even just another adult to be able to bounce ideas off of.

About a week ago, we were talking during recess, and she mentioned that her husband was in Peru teaching Quechua, and she was looking for students to tutor to make a little bit of extra money. I had been planning to start Quechua lessons, but I had been too busy to go out and schedule lessons. As soon as she mentioned teaching Quechua, I began to pray about taking lessons from her!

This last Wednesday I had my first lesson, and it went much better than I expected. She is a great teacher, and I am enjoying learning.Here are some of the things I have learned:

Nuqa kani Daniela. My name is Danyelle
Nuqa yachachik kani. I am a teacher. (haha)
Imaynalla kasanki. How are you?
Walliqlla kassani. I am doing well.

As we worked on some basic vocabulary, I began to think of the places I would need to know. “How do you say church?” I asked. She thought about it for a while, and finally told me there was no word for church, because there were no churches for the Quechuan people when the language began.
I am so excited for the opportunity that the Lord has given to learn the Quechuan language, but even more, to begin to learn about the culture. I am so thankful for the way God has provided not only a teacher, but also a new friend. Please pray for wisdom and patience to learn, as well as opportunities to practice!


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