SIM: Serving In Mission

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote! The Lord has been so gracious during the last few months to lead and guide, and I am so thankful for you all, the people He has used to challenge, encourage, and convict me along the way.
While I was in Bolivia this last summer, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people working with many ministries. One of the organizations is called SIM, (Serving in Mission, or Society for International Missions – depending on the country!)
SIM is a sending agency for missions that has about 1600 missionaries from more than 50 countries working in 65 countries around the world. One of the neatest things to me about SIM is that there are missionaries from countries all over the world, not just the United States!
The orphanage I was able to work with these last two summers is just down the street from one of SIM’s missionary schools. I heard a lot about it while I was there, and when I came home, it kept showing up again and again. In September I wrote to SIM and several other sending agencies asking for information, and SIM was one of the few I heard back from quickly. I began to pray and ask questions about serving with SIM, and heard only good things from the people I talked with.  (Plus, I would be close to Casa de Amor!)
In October I sent in my application, lots of references, a complete physical exam, and a psychological evaluation. I waited to hear back, and in November I got an email saying that I was invited to attend SIM Start! This is a long weekend where I meet the staff of SIM, and they can meet me, so we can see if it will be a good fit. At the end of the weekend you have what is called an exit interview, and figure out the next steps.
For Christmas, I asked for a plane ticket to Charlotte, North Carolina, and this past weekend flew to Charlotte and SIM headquarters for SIM Start. It was a long (but GREAT!) weekend, filled with interviews, a meeting with a psychologist, history of SIM, and an explanation of core values that SIM holds. It was also very exciting to get to talk with the other 30-ish people, both couples and individuals from all ages and walks of life, that are feeling led to ministry of some sort.
I would love to ask you all (the three of you still reading…J) to pray with me this next week that God would make clear which ministry opportunity is the best fit for the specific gifts and passions He has given me.  The next step will be to choose one, and then apply for that specific position!
I am so thankful for the community that I am surrounded by, and the love God shows through you all. I would love to talk more with you, if you are interested, about this process, and how God is working in it!

Hasta pronto! 


  1. Exciting news! I have heard good things about SIM and agree that it's close proximity to CDA isn't a bad thing :) Hope it all works out for you!

  2. It's so cool to see this process through others eyes. Keep on sharing. We're praying.

  3. Can't wait to hear how it all works out! Praying for you!


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