It has been too long since I have blogged! Since starting to teach 1st grade again, I keep thinking – "Oh, that would make a good blog...." and then never writing the blog.

I had to write this one though, because it is such good news!!!!!

Some of you may have read a blog from March about a little girl named “B”. If not you can read that blog here. From the day I arrived in Cochabamba July 5, 2012 – B has been one of the more difficult children for me. She can be one of the sweetest and most fun girls, but when she is angry or feeling rebellious she feels those things very strongly. There have been more than a few situations this year where physical harm to others or myself was a real concern. There have been days I’ve walked home from the orphanage in tears because I just didn’t know what else to do.

In my prayer journal on October 16, I wrote, asking the Lord to draw B to himself, and to give all those around her wisdom. This has been my prayer since then. I have been at a loss often, and definitely at the end of my patience many times, but the Lord has been faithful.

April 12th is Children’s Day in Bolivia, and the Horita Feliz (Bible Club) that the kids from Casa de Amor go to had a special event. A missionary from the Netherlands came to talk, and shared about obedience, and the good news that Jesus took the place of our sins on the cross. I was teaching the youngest class – so I didn’t get to hear the message.
Playground of the Horita Feliz
The next day, I went to the girls house to pick up two girls for church. I didn’t’ have specific girls in mind, so I just asked who wanted to come. As it turned out, B wanted to come! We got out of the house and started walking down the street and she says, “Tia, I wanted to accept Jesus’ forgiveness yesterday, but it was too late.” Surprised, I looked at her and asked what she meant. She explained that after hearing the message, she knew she needed Jesus’ love and forgiveness, and wanted to follow him. After talking with her for a little while, I assured her that it was not too late, and that we could pray right then if she wanted to. She agreed, and so we stopped to pray. It was not a huge ordeal, but it was genuine.

I am so excited for the way God has worked, and humbled by the ability to see firsthand how the Lord is working in her life. Later in the week, as I was heading out from the orphanage, B came running after me and says, “Tia, I have to tell you something.” I was ready to hear something ridiculous about her cat, Blanco, but instead she says,” Tia, today at school I could feel God in my heart. It was like something was moving in my heart!” I could hardly contain my excitement! Not only has God begun a good work in her life – he is faithful and will see it through!
B and her sister S at Christmas time!
Please join me in praising the Lord for the work He has done in B’s heart. Thank you for joining in praying for her! Our God is faithful! :)


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