Discovering the Christmas Tree

Last weekend was Pedestrian day in Cochabamba! Pedestrian day comes three times a year, and is an effort to reduce pollution in the city. On this day, no cars are allowed on the roads, which can make it
difficult for the women who work at the orphanage to get to work.

When it is possible, the volunteers like to help the tias by taking children home for the weekend. This past weekend, 7 of the volunteers took children home, and we were able to spend some much needed one-on one time with the kids!

I got to spend the weekend with “A”, a little girl who is relatively new to Casa de Amor. You can read her story here.

Although A has a heartbreaking story, she is one of the sweetest (and sassiest) little girls I know.
Friday night we got to my house about dinner time, and she was amazed by my Christmas tree. She had never seen a Christmas tree before, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. By the end of the weekend she was much more comfortable with the idea of a tree with lights, and it was a great opportunity to explain why we celebrate Christmas!

"Tia, it glows!"
She needed a closer look.

"What are these balls for, Tia?"

We also got to spend time learning valuable life skills, like hanging clothes on a hanger. As I caught up on laundry, A watched me and wanted to learn as well. It always surprises me that things I don’t remember learning, I was taught at one point.  It makes me extra thankful for my parents, and more mindful of the fact that so many children don’t have parents to teach them simple things.
Thank you mom and dad! :)


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