New Year, New Volunteers

At Casa de Amor, we are so thankful for the love and support of people from all over the world. From Bolivia, to Denmark, to Canada, to the United States, to Ireland, to the Netherlands, to Austria, and all over the world, people are praying and giving to support the children of Casa de Amor.

This year, we also have four new volunteers from the United States and Denmark that have come to serve with Casa de Amor!

As I have served as the volunteer coordinator, I have been so encouraged by their willingness to serve and learn. It can be very overwhelming to come to a foreign country, learn a new language, meet 30 children and lots of caregivers, and adjust to a new way of doing EVERYTHING. :)

We have tried to make that process as smooth as possible, so it has been a busy week!

Last Monday and Tuesday were filled with trips to the airport to pick everyone up, and LOTS of luggage.
Waiting at the airport!

Wednesday was orientation day, and was spent getting to know each other better, learning the history of the home, practical information about living in Bolivia, and learning about the different responsibilities of volunteers.

Wednesday night we ate at a restaurant that serves Charque (fried llama meat), as a cultural experience, and rested from a long day.

A mountain of food shared by 3-4 people for about $12. 

Thursday morning the volunteers made a trip to Pairumani, a national park with lots of hiking and beautiful views. (I wasn’t able to go because I had to finish up paperwork for my two-year visa in Bolivia!)

Thursday afternoon Franco came to mow the grass (jungle) at the volunteer house, and Amber (another long-term volunteer), came to help make general repairs to the house.

Friday we had our first full day of work for the volunteers, and made a trip to the grocery store in the afternoon.

Chelsea with our littlest baby boy, and S. who starts Pre-K next week! 

Cecilie with our littlest baby girl, and A.M.!

Snack time with the girls!

Saturday was my sister, Autumn, and my friend Victoria’s last day in Bolivia, so we multi-tasked and I met with other volunteers, and they said goodbye to the kids.

Sunday morning we all met for church, and then went with a group from church for lunch afterwards. Some of the volunteers tried a typical Bolivian dish, Silpancho, and the rest of us had another typical Bolivian dish…. fried chicken. :)

Please continue to pray for the volunteers as they get settled into their schedules at the homes, build relationships with children and staff, learn Spanish, and adjust to a new climate and food!

Thank you all for your prayers for me, and your encouragement during this new and busy season!


  1. Oh man! I could go for some silpancho right now!!! Yum! glad to hear you have so many wonderful volunteers!


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