Christmas in Kara Kara

Several weeks ago I wrote about the opportunity I had to go visit a neighborhood close to the city dump in order to give out Christmas gifts, as well as share the Gospel.

Thank you so much to those of you who prayed and gave generously!!

My parents arrived on a Wednesday, and I almost immediately put them to work. We went over to the chapel were Horita Feliz (The Bible Club) is held every Saturday, and started to prepare the gift bags to take with us. Thanks to your donations, we were also able to purchase sugar to give to the mothers!!

On Saturday morning around 8:00, we met at the chapel to pray, load up the cars, and head to Kara Kara. Of course, we were running on Bolivian time, so we arrived about an hour after the scheduled time. As we pulled into the neighborhood, I could see that they had set up a tent, and made little wooden benches . There were already close to 100 children ready and waiting for us! I found Noelia and Lucero, some of the girls I had already met, and was thankful for some familiar faces in the crowd.

To start, we sang some of the songs that we normally sing on Saturdays, and the kids learned very quickly! Here is a link! In the middle of one of the songs, a dog fight broke out in the back of the tent, but we just kept going while the men broke it up. :)
The children and mothers learning new songs!

Before the dog fight broke out.....

After singing, we broke off into groups depending on age. My friend Anita and I had the smallest kids, from 0-3 years old. The kids were very shy, but it was a great opportunity to share with their mothers as well. Please continue to pray that the Lord would soften their hearts, and that they would come to know him!

When we had finished, everyone went back outside to line up to receive gifts. I was helping to hand out shoes, but every time I looked up, the line got longer and longer. I was unsure that we would have enough, but God provided, and everyone received a gift, shoes, and a little basket for the mothers.
The ever-growing line up the hill

Handing out gifts

Twin girls receiving gifts

My mom and Autumn hard at work!

Some of the boys with their new toys

The generous women gave us traditional Bolivian hats to wear

Everyone was so thankful, and so hospitable. After handing out gifts, some of the people that had invited us to come prepared a delicious lunch. It was very humbling to see how God had orchestrated every little detail, and opened doors to share about His coming to earth because of His great love and grace! I am excited to see how God continues to work in the neighborhood of Kara Kara!!

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